Welcome into the dynamic world of WAX Deer Jungle Club Breed, burn, stake, tokens, farming, and explore a myriad of unique opportunities in the NFT ecosystem.

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About Us

WAX Deer Jungle Club introduces a revolutionary dimension to the PFP landscape, offering a suite of 10,000 NFTs, each embedded with a rich palette of 140 traits across 19 original characters, to enrich your digital experience.

Our project stands out for its exclusive breeding feature, allowing members to breed and create unique, never-before-seen WAX deer designs. These designs not only represent individuality but also a sense of belonging to a community that's passionate about art and technology.

But that's not all! In the rich tapestry of the WAX DEER JUNGLE CLUB, we've woven in a multifaceted token system to complement the experience. Alongside this, we continue the saga with our NFT comic books, turning every panel into a collectible journey


Tokens are burned during the breeding process, effectively reducing the total supply.


Use your Spark token to breed new, exclusive Baby Deer.

Chapter 2

Engage in the second phase of token utility, where WDJC tokens unlock new features.

DAO Voting

Use your OG DEER to participate in DAO voting and shape the future of the project.

Secondary Market Fee & DAO Voting

Secondary Market Fee Structure:
At the forefront of the OG Deer NFT project is an innovative fee mechanism that applies to all secondary market sales. A full 100% fee is levied on transactions involving our three core collections: Male, Female, and Baby Deer NFTs. This distinctive approach ensures that each piece within these collections maintains its integrity and value. It also reflects our commitment to nurturing the community and the ecosystem, as these fees are integral to fostering a sustainable environment for all OG Deer stakeholders.

Within the OG Deer world, the Spark Token emerges as the cornerstone of our breeding process, with a limited mint of only 10,000 tokens. Each male OG Deer is graced with a Spark Token, marking their vital role in the breeding saga. The act of breeding, which requires the use of 0.5 Sparks, is not a mere transaction but a rite of passage, imbuing the event with significance as the consumed Sparks are permanently removed from circulation. This burn is a testament to the rarity and preciousness of the new life created, solidifying the Spark Token's status as more than just a medium of exchange—it's the gateway to legacy and continuity in our digital domain.

DAO Voting & Fee Allocation:
The fees amassed from the secondary market serve a purpose far greater than just revenue generation; they are a conduit for community participation and influence. The allocation of these collected fees is a testament to our belief in decentralized decision-making, entrusted to the OG Deer holders. This process reinforces our vision of empowering the community, allowing them to guide the direction and future of the OG Deer project through collective voting and shared governance.

Beyond Apparel: A Trove of Collectibles
Our merchandise collection, which includes a variety of unique items, is a reflection of the WAX DEER JUNGLE CLUB's ethos. Each piece is a tangible link to the digital world we're cultivating. As a token of gratitude for their unwavering support, we're delighted to channel a portion of our sales proceeds back to the OG Holders through special giveaways link tree


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WDJC?
WDJC stands for WAX Deer Jungle Club, an NFT PFP project with unique features.
How can I buy a WDJC NFT?
The initial minting of WDJC NFTs will be exclusively conducted on NFTHive. Subsequent to the mint, they will be available on recognized marketplaces, including AtomicHub, NFTHive, and NeftyBlocks
What features come with owning a WDJC NFT
Each OG Deer NFT unlocks access to breeding events, token utilities, and an array of exclusive collectibles, including hand-drawn comic and special merchandise.
How is WDJC different from other NFT projects?
WDJC stands out by harmonizing the strengths of both Web2 and Web3 paradigms, offering a unique fusion of traditional digital community engagement with cutting-edge blockchain utilities and ownership
How can I get involved with the WDJC community?
Join our Discord channel, follow us on Twitter, and participate in our community events and discussions.