Chapter 1


This provides a concise summary of Chapter 1 from our roadmap only

Start of Chapter 1

create Discord Server And Twitter

the club

Token Creation

We will utilize the WAXDAO platform for the creation of three distinct tokens, ensuring a streamlined development process without any further collaboration or endorsement

Staking Farm

The WAXDAO platform will serve as the foundation for our staking farm's development. We will independently determine the reward structures and operational parameters

Male Mint Sale

mint the male OG Deer NFTs. Announce the sale date, promote it, and launch on NFTHive.

Female Mint Sale

mint the female OG Deer NFTs. Set the sale date, promote it, and launch on NFTHive

Token Distribution

Organize a fair and automated distribution system. Ensure all eligible holders receive their Deer Tokens.


Integrate with NFTHive crafting system. Develop breeding mechanics ensuring offspring inherit traits from both parents.

A Story in Every Release

Each chapter of our roadmap is carefully curated to provide our community with moments of delight and new offerings to enjoy. This serialized unveiling ensures that every update is given the spotlight it deserves, fostering a sense of community and shared anticipation.

Ownership and Freedom with Your NFTs

When you acquire a WAX DEER NFT, it's entirely yours. You have the freedom to showcase it, trade it, or use it as a digital collectible in any way you see fit. Each NFT is a unique piece of the WAX DEER JUNGLE CLUB narrative that you control completely.

Hand-Drawn Comic Book: A Canvas of Imagination

Our hand-drawn comic book is not just a unique narrative; it's a treasure for the imaginative soul, designed with our signature colors and available for you to collect, share, or display as you see fit. It embodies the creative spirit of our community and the boundless possibilities within the world of NFTs.

Beyond Apparel: A Trove of Collectibles

Our merchandise collection is as distinctive as our club's members, offering more than just apparel. Every item is a piece of the WAX DEER JUNGLE CLUB's evolving story, bridging the gap between our digital creation and the physical world. To show our appreciation for the OG Holders' support, we're excited to share the success with them through exclusive giveaway events.

Engagement, Growth, and Community Focus

We're committed to fostering a responsive and evolving community. Our roadmap's chapter-based structure allows us to listen to your feedback and adapt our offerings, ensuring that the club remains engaging and relevant to all members.

A Community-Centric Club

Join the WAX DEER JUNGLE CLUB, where we celebrate the artistry of NFTs and the joy of collecting. Here, every NFT holder is a part of our unfolding story, free to engage with the community and their NFTs in a way that brings them joy. Our club is about the shared experience, the excitement of collectibles, and the celebration of our digital ecosystem — one chapter at a time.