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OG Deer NFT Whitepaper


Embark on an extraordinary journey with the WAX DEER JUNGLE CLUB NFT project, where artistry meets innovation in a symphony of utility and community-led growth. Our project stands as a beacon in the NFT space, showcasing unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs, underpinned by a dedicated token that anchors our vibrant economy. We're not just creating digital collectibles; we're crafting a legacy. Each of our 19 special characters is a masterpiece, brought to life with over 140 distinctive traits, ensuring that each NFT is a singular token of ownership, destined to captivate collectors. Join us as we chart a new course in the NFT ecosystem, guaranteeing a unique blend of rarity and creativity for connoisseurs worldwide.

Token Synergy in the Deer Universe

Within the verdant realm of the OG Deer universe, the Deer Token emerges as the initial key to unlocking a multifaceted engagement with our narrative. It is the first in a trio of tokens designed to work in concert, enhancing the interactive tapestry of the Deer NFT experience. Holders of the Deer Token will find themselves at the genesis of our community's journey, with the token facilitating unique ecosystem interactions such as breeding and community governance. As the narrative progresses, two more tokens will be woven into the fabric of our universe — one with the birth of the 'babe' and another as 'Chapter 2' unfolds. Together, these tokens are not just individual strands but integral parts of a greater whole, each contributing to a cohesive system that enriches the Deer NFT adventure and rewards the collective participation of our community.

Spark Token Utility

The Spark Token serves as a unique catalyst in the OG Deer ecosystem, with a finite issuance of only 10,000 tokens. Each male OG Deer holder will be endowed with a single Spark Token, signifying their exclusive privilege in the ecosystem. Breeding is a singular, transformative event that requires the expenditure of 0.5 Sparks. This expenditure is not merely a cost but a ceremonial act of creation, as these expended Sparks are irreversibly burned, forever enhancing the rarity and desirability of the progeny. Thus, the Spark Token is not a currency in circulation but a key to a one-time mystical event that yields new life within our digital realm.

Female Sale Allocation & Token Support

Delving deeper into our token ecosystem, we have established a strategic allocation of the Female Deer NFT sales proceeds to support our tokens. Specifically, 20% of these proceeds will fortify the Breed Token (Spark) aligning with its role in the ecosystem. An additional 30% will bolster the Baby Token (Stag), ensuring a robust foundation for future growth. In total, 50% of the Female Deer NFT sale revenue is earmarked for these purposes, empowering the tokens that drive our community's experience.

NFT Sales & Secondary Market

The OG Deer NFT project champions a unique fee mechanism for its secondary market trades. A 100% fee will be levied on all resale transactions across three primary collections: Male, Female, and Baby Deer NFTs. The accumulated fee serves as more than just a revenue source; it's an opportunity for community engagement and involvement. Our commitment to decentralized governance means the allocation of these fees is left in the hands of our most dedicated supporters: the OG Deer holders. Alternatively, the community may opt for direct distribution, where the accumulated fees are evenly distributed among OG Deer holders as a form of reward and appreciation for their unwavering support.

Merchandise Sales Allocation & OG Holder Rewards

We're setting aside 7 to 14% of every merchandise sale to give back to our OG Holders. It's our way of saying thank you and making sure they're a part of the club's success. Every purchase helps to support and grow the OG community.

Breeding Mechanism

Step into the future of NFT breeding with the OG Deer universe, where innovation meets legacy. Utilizing the advanced crafting system of NFTHive, our breeding mechanism allows you to pair your male and female OG Deer NFTs without burning any nft, creating unique offspring that inherit a mix of their parents' traits. This process not only retains the full value of your original NFTs but also enriches your collection with each new generation. The Deer Breed Token (Spark) emerges as a key facilitator in this endeavor, granting access to our snapshot whitelist and ensuring that the most dedicated community members are rewarded for their engagement. Detailed information on the breeding algorithm, trait inheritance, and the overall strategy for utilizing your tokens will be unveiled, providing a transparent and thrilling breeding experience. Stay alert for further announcements that will illuminate the path to crafting your next OG Deer NFT, as we continue to build a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem together.

Staking & Rewards

Within the OG Deer universe, we have established an innovative NFT farm using WAXDAO's platform, where OG Deer NFT holders can actively participate to earn rewards in the form of WAX and additional tokens (Spark + Stag). This initiative is designed to deepen community engagement and provide value back to our supporters. In addition to NFT farming, (Spark + Stag) Token holders can leverage the NFT rewards feature on TACO to further enhance their experience. This dual approach to staking—NFTs on WAXDAO for diverse rewards, and tokens on TACO for NFT rewards—creates a robust system of incentives, enriching the journey for all members of the OG Deer ecosystem.

OG Deer NFT Team Vision

In this fast-paced digital epoch, the OG Deer NFT team pictures a world where art, tech, and community coalesce, giving birth to unparalleled value and enduring impact. Beyond mere digital assets, we see NFTs as emblems of tales, traditions, and collective memories. The OG Deer NFT initiative transcends mere digital collectibles—it's a revolution. A stride towards inclusivity, enhanced utility, and a democratic evolution in the NFT landscape. For us, each Deer Token and NFT narrates a tale—of pioneers, of shared aspirations, and of a digital world where art is revered, utility is pivotal, and growth is a collective endeavor.

Who Are We?

At the OG Deer NFT project's core lies a team molded by the very community it caters to. More than outsiders, we're fervent believers and community stalwarts who've witnessed the transformative aura of the digital art realm. This isn't just a venture—it's our homage to the digital art world that has enriched us. With our genuine desire to create, combined with our transparency and unwavering focus on community interests, we embark on this exhilarating journey. As we tread this path, our community remains our guiding star, influencing every choice, innovation, and milestone.

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